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Swindside Stone Circle in Cumbria.  15th June 2003
Swindside Stone Circle in Cumbria,
15th June 2003.




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St. Lythans
The Step Pyramid of Saqqara
The Great Pyramid
Druidís Circle



The Devic Essences,
(pronounced Dee Vik) were born as a result of spirit guidance. For two years I was being cajoled and pushed by my Guides to visit our ancient sacred places, in particular stone circles, standing stones, cromlechs etc., to obtain the vibrational energy signatures. Energies which the Guides wanted to bring into the world for our use in this time.

After this long ‘thinking period’, my Guides were becoming impatient, but as I began the work of recording these energy signatures, I started receiving strong indications that the finished essences would be particularly valuable to those who were unfolding spiritually or who worked with Nature Spirits and our Mother Earth. These are Guided Essences and they represent energies and consciousness which are not available to us via any other sources. It would be fruitless of the Universal Consciousness to use me to bring forth energies which are already in existence. ../continued

Please explore our site further to find out more about essences. You can view our list and order online, or search our descriptions. I have tried to provide as much information as I can, but if you need to know anything else, please contact me.